Engelen Open Source

Open Source Development, support and advice

About me

I'm an independent software engineer, focused on Open Source.

I'm available for contract work: this can be development of new software or contributing to existing projects, advice or training.


Development: I have a strong software engineering background. My experience on the JVM platform (Java/Scala) is extensive, for example having worked full-time on the Open Source Akka toolkit for concurrent and distributed programming for Lightbend. When the situation calls for it I'm happy to participate in other ecosystems, such as Rust, Go, C, Python - or even PHP.

DevOps and developer productivity: NixOS Linux, Immutable Infrastructure, Continuous Delivery, Reproducible Builds, developer tooling


I'm currently engaged part-time as Security Response Program Manager for the Apache Software Foundation, next to which I'm available for contracts around open source - get in touch!

In the past, I have worked for Lightbend, Radboud University Nijmegen, Xebia and many others - check my Linkedin for more details.


Address: Goldenbeltstr. 14
7413ZK Deventer
The Netherlands
Contact: arnout@bzzt.net
KVK-nr: 87058456
BTW-nr: NL004350351B91